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Please note these potentially serious issues related to Paypal payments ...

It has been brought to our attention that some orders may have been processed on this site without notification of the content of your order.    What this means is that your payment went through and was processed, but we have no idea what you ordered as no email arrived with your order detail.

How does this occur?  

All payments at checkout are redirected to the Paypal website.  Once payment is completed, the customer is redirected back to our website.  This screen may take up to 10 seconds for this redirect to happen.  If the customer does not wait for that redirect, our cart is never notified of the completed payment.

How does the customer stop this from happening?

Be sure to WAIT until you are redirected from that Paypal screen.  We have no control over the length of time it may take for this to occur.  If you are not redirected, you may want to click on the link provided by Paypal on that screen to force the redirect to move more quickly. 

Is this for every purchase from all websites? 

Yes!  We believe that passing this information to you will make you a smarter shopper and avoid the headache of not getting what you order.   If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!