International Ordering

We do ship our plants to countries outside the USA.  We have been shipping internationally since we started our business and have had great success.

Can we ship to you?  Well, it depends on what your country allows.  It is up to you to figure that out. We ship ANYWHERE, but if your country does not allow plant crowns, then we would not advise attempting an order.

We ship crown only -  No pots or soil as this is not allowed.  The crown is the top of the plant only, there is no soil or root system.  Each plant is sent in a plastic bag.  You will be responsible for re-rooting the crowns when you receive them.

We do not supply phytosanitary  as this is too expensive.  Some countries require IMPORT permits.  YOU provide this to us so that we can include with your shipment.  We ship as 'GIFT" and the description used is "household decoration".

Please be advised that we are more than happy to accept orders from international  countries, but once shipped we are not responsible for delays, unclaimed packages, or rejections by customs.  Again, you should check with your own customs authorities for verification of what is allowed.  We have no control over what customs officials do to the contents of the package upon inspection.  Although it is rare, there are cases of the contents being discarded or returned.  It is imperative that you understand this.  The vast majority of orders make it to their destinations with no problems.   If you are unsure or uncomfortable with this, please don't order. 

All international orders are shipped Express International Mail  via USPS.  The cost of this is $50.00 per box, each box can hold up to 15 plants. 

Please note - DO NOT choose the shipping method that says USPS Priority Mail as this is for Domestic orders ONLY.  Choose the method that says Express Mail International. The shipping cost will show $39.00.  Doing this correctly saves a lot of confusion and problems filling your order.