African Violet Chimera

Shipping (Courtesy of Mr. Robert Albro)

How We Package Our Plants For Shipment

We prepare the plants first by grooming them, removing large leaves, spent blooms etc. We then take some polyester fiberfill and put it around the plant on top of the soil and firm it down. See pictures below.

Next we wrap the pot in industrial celaphane

Now the pot is ready to go into the appropriate Styrofoam cup. See picture below.

Now the plant is in the Styrofoam cup and is secured by a coffee stirrer with both ends taped down. The Styrofoam cup is shown with the lid on the cup and the plant label is shown taped to the outside of the cup. The plant is now ready to be boxed. See picture below.

The pictures below show how we would package three plants. The insulation is cut according to how many plants there will be to go in the box. (4 max).

Shown are the components that are used for shipping the plants:
1) Carton
2) House wall insulation
3) 3 styro cups
4) Lids for cups

Insulation in the box and ready for the plants.

Plants that are ready to be put in the box.


Plants placed in the box and ready to be covered with the top piece of insulation. See the next picture.

Top piece of insulation in the box and the box is now ready for the packing slip and to be sealed.




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