African Violet Chimera


While African Violets are extremely easy to grow, there are a few tips that will promote longer blooming periods and improved growth.  Temperature is the key to a grower's control of  African Violet growth.   Temperature can also be used in preparing for shows by slowing a plant from blooming too soon.

Night temperature should remain between 68-70F for plant growth.  Daytime temperatures should range between 75-80F.   Anything higher than this may promote flowering, but is often premature and wilt long before they should.  If you are wanting to slow the growth of your plants, cool the room to around 65F at night. 

Propagation areas should be 4-5 warmer than regular growing areas.   The use of warming mats work for this purpose if so desired.

The use of fans is imperative for warmer climates as this reduces the chance of fungus and mold problems. 



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