Looking for a certain plant??

One of our friends inspired us to create this page for those looking for that certain violet.  We are hoping that you will contact us with the list of violets YOU are looking for so we can add those to this list.  Also, if you have a violet that is listed on this page, please contact us!! We will connect you with the individual looking for that elusive species and you will make their day!!!  The actual trade or purchase is between the two of you, we will not take part once we have connected the parties.

Plant Name/any specifics Requestor
Valeria Linda
Volkman Violets Linda
any Skagit Chris
Angels Petticoats Bonnie
Fredettes Georgette  Big Bird Walt
Wrangler's Brians Song Walt
Wrangler's Moonshine Walt
Wrangler's Painted Desert Walt
Shangri-la Sabre Dancer Jennie in Oregon (avc)
Shangri-la Queen Jennie in Oregon (avc)
Grape Punch by Sorano Lynda
Persian Lullaby Lynda
Golden Rubies Tammie
Luxury Liner Tammie
Chantilly Lace Tammie
Rebel's Glory Be Doris
Rebel's Scottie Doris
Bon Jovi
Jeremy in Virginia
Canadian Sunset Doris  She got hooked up!!!
Violets from the Wrangler series by Winston Smith
Craig in Mississippi
Rob's Green Jeans or Rob's Blue Jeans Shallon in PA
Monty and Concord Linda
On Edge
Volkmann's ...
Maverick ...
North Carolina Ann
Genetic Gem


Have a plant you are looking for?  Let us know!

Have a plant that listed here that you want to share?  Let us know!