We are always looking for new chimeras. Below we've listed just a few.

If you have chimeras that we don't currently have and would  like to trade, please contact us!!

We'd love to hear from you!


Allegro Jester's Pinwheel
Allegro Tambourine
Allen Anthony
Aly's Afternoon Delight
Aly's Boy Toy
Aly's Clueless
Aly's Passionella
Aly's Peppermint Baby
Aly's Phantom
Aly's Rodger Shifflett
Aly's Surprise
Aly's Victorian Tease
Appalachee Red
Armadillo Stew
Ann Malinich
Armadillo Stew
Ascent Kitten's Mittens
Atlantic City
Balchug Poljot
Balchug Vysokii Stil'
Beachcomber Sport
Bella Gitana
Bloom's Asteroid
Bloom's Utahime
Blu 'n' White
Blue Frost
Blue Pinwheel
Blue Satin Bow
Bon Jovi
Brad Richard
Brandi Jolene
Broadway Baby
Bryte Daydreams
Calypso Sport
Canadian Sunrise
Candy Hearts
Candy Lou
Candytuft Surprise
Cape Cod Crisscross
Cape Cod Raspberry Sherbet
Captain James T. Kirk
Carousel Lady
Colonial Jubilee 150
Color Flash
Colorado Stars
Commander Spock
Comstock Sport
Connie Salland
Coral Sunset Sport
Cornish Piskie
Critic's Choice
Crown Center
Crystal Rose
Daisy's Delight
Dance Magic
Dancing Lights
Dan's Favorite
Dazzlina Daidrian
Devon Belle
Diamond Eyes
Disco Dancing Sport
Doctor Sandey
Easter Kiss
Edge Of Midnight
Edna Irene
Edna R
Exotic Star
Ezekiel's Wheel
Fairy Fireworks
Fantastic Sport
Fantasy Lace Trail
Fantasy Sunburst
Fantasy Treasure
First Child Sport
Flash Of Blue
Foolin' Around
Funambule Sport
Galaxy Of Stars
George Malinich
Georgie Boy
Harmony's Easter Surprise
Harmonyís Fun Times
Harmonyís Red Star
Heavenly Rays
Helen Boyer
Holy Smoke
Hseuh Blue Sport
Hula Hoop
Innocent Flirtation
Jeedle Jay
Jennifer Sport
Jolie Roxane
July Celebration
Katsuko's Pearl
Kiwi Brandy Snap
Kiwi Candy Floss
Kiwi Christmas Cheer
Kiwi Radiance
Kiwi Splendour
Koís Bluebird
Koís Dancing Queen
Ko's Luv Whisper
Ko's Maria Chow
Leone Sport
Licorice Stick Lin
Little Polar Bear
Little Twilight
Lively Lana Looker
Love Stripes
Lovely Luck
Lyon's Kissy Face
Lyon's Wild Card
Macís Blushing Bridesmaid
Mac's Bodacious Bluebird
Madeleine's Iris
Magic Moment
Maria Rose
Mary Galipo
Mary Mae
Mary's Hobo Joe
Maurice Sport
McCoy's Folly
Mermaid Dancer
Miai Tai
Miami Maid
Miz Ellie
Mollie Howell
Ms. Gigglebox
My Pretty Mistress
Nancy's Joy
Nei's Whirley Bird
Ness' Classi Chassi
Ness' Happy Freckles
Ness' Kinda Lucky
Ness' Morning Star
Ness' Pink Ribbons
Nessí Midnight Fantasy Sport (aka Midnight Jubilation)
Nevada Sport
North Carolina Sport
Nortonís Favorite Child
Nortonís Fire Cracker
Nortonís Friend Vince
Oui Do
Oui Yvonne
Ovation Party Star
Paula Sophla
Pearl Lake Sport
Peppermint Lace
Peppermint Lou
Petticoat Lane
Pima Stars
Pink Ribbons
Plum Sporty
Pride Sport
Purple Majesty
Purple Pinwheel
Quiet Storm
Quite Foxy
Rainbow's Nialahini
Ramona's Coral Kitty
Raspberry Glo Stripe
Raspberry Sundae
Ray Of Hope
Rebel's Carousel Spinner
Rebel's Fairy Stars
Rebel's Lollipop Spinner
Red Pinwheel
Rhonda Sport
Ribbons 'n' Lace
Rob's Lucky Stroke
Rob's Oopsie Daisy
Rob's Orchid Eclipse
Roma's Delight
Ruffles 'n' Romance
Sailor's Sunset
Silk Reflections
Silver Bells Sport
Sonoma Downing's Delight
Sonoma Look Twice
Soul Music
Southern Daydream
Sparkey Sport
Sport Of Grotei
Spring Fancy
Stars And Stripes Sport
Sue Hoffmann
Suncoast Candy Stripe
Suncoast Starsplash
Sunrise Trail
Sunset Australis
Supreme Delight
Supreme Splendor
Supreme Waves
Supreme Willie
Susie's Delight
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Cheeks
Sweet Freckleface Sport
Sweet Obsession
Sweet Sugar
Tamara's Balgownie
Tariar's Bulldog
Tarjar's Don Goodwin
Tete A Tete
Thanks Alyce
Way Out
What's This
Wheels Of Fortune
White & Blue Stripe
Worth It
Yarrow Briar Rose
Yarrow Summit
Yasuyo Sport
Zaca's Fantah
Zaca's Georgette