Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Alamo Butterfly Sport

see Ko's Puppy Love  

Albro's Show

 (V.VanPatten/R Albro)  Coral pink Semi Double, frilly Edged with blue fantasy and blue Chimera Stripe. Plain Medium Green Foliage. Large
(formerly Show Me)  
Sport of Suncoast Wild Mustang

Allegro Cinderella

(8854) 03/31/2000 (J. Stromborg) Single chimera white pansy/pale lavender stripe. Medium green, pointed, quilted. Semiminiature
Sport of Allegro Lavender Belle

Allegro Darcy Farrow

(8856) 03/31/2000 (J. Stromborg) Single chimera pale red-violet pansy/white stripe, variable blue fantasy; notched top petals. Light green, pointed, pebbled, hairy. Miniature
Sport of Allegro Violet Belle

Allegro Easter Morn

(8857) 03/31/2000 (J. Stromborg) Single chimera dark purple pansy/white stripe. Light green, heart-shaped, serrated. Standard
Sport of Allegro Easter Sunday

Allegro Filigree

J. Stromborg - Single-semi double chimera purple pansy/white stripe, wavy edge, fluted tips. Medium green, heart-shaped, quilted, serrated. Standard
Sport of Allegro Meadow Rue

Very unstable.  Loses stripe very easily.

Allegro Music Maker

see Allegro Tambourine  

Allegro Sundae Edition

J. Stromborg) Single-semidouble chimera medium pink ruffled pansy/lavender stripe, variable raspberry eye; purple fantasy. Medium green, heart-shaped, wavy, serrated. Standard

Allegro Sundae Eclipse

(9324) 03/22/2004 (J. Stromborg) Single-semidouble chimera pink ruffled pansy/white stripe, purple fantasy. Medium green, heart-shaped, wavy, serrated. Standard
Sport of Allegro Sundae

Allegro Tambourine

(9409) 04/04/2005 (J. Stromborg) Single chimera white sticktite pansy/lavender stripe. Light green, ovate, pointed, scalloped. Standard
Sport of Allegro Music Maker

Allegro Violet Belle Sport

see Allegro Darcy Farrow  

Allen Anthony

 (6262) 06/09/1986 (P. Cherry) Single chimera blue frilled/white stripe. Glossy, ruffled. Standard
Sport of War Paint

Alliance Sport

see Ma's Double Cross
and Ma's Turncoat


(6265) 06/09/1986 (P. Harris) Single chimera blue pansy/white stripe. Plain, semi-trailing. Semiminiature trailer
Sport of Niagara Falls

Aly's Rodger Shifflett

(8846) 01/03/2000 (A. Droege) Double chimera white large star/hot pink stripe, purple fantasy. Medium green, plain, heart-shaped, quilted, scalloped. Standard
Sport of Blue Puff

Amethyst Confetti

Single-semidouble chimera purple wasp/wide white stripe. Medium green, heart-shaped, pointed, hairy, glossy. Miniature
Sport of Optimara Little Crystal

Angel's Petticoats

S. Sorano Double chimera medium pink/white stripe, green ruffled edge. Medium green, wavy. Standard

Angel's Reflections Sport

see Sketch Artist

Ann Malinich

(6345) 08/26/1986 (Malinich/Lineberger) Single chimera light pink and white/blue streaks. Light green, plain. Standard
Sport of Granger's Valencia

Anthoflores Daydream

see KBugs Irish Dream  

Anthoflores Isabelle Sport

See KBugs Purple Mist  

Anthoflores Maeva Sport

Anthoflores -  Double Red w/ purple stripe. Dark plain foliage. Standard chimera

Anthoflores Maeva Sport #2

see Kbugs Irish Nights

Anthoflores Maeva Sport (variety #3)

see Vince's Friend Kay

Ask Neva

7/28/1982 (R. Nadeau)  Single white and purple sticktite variable. Variegated, plain. Standard chimera

Astro Sport

see Ma's Elroy

Atlanta Sport

see Sweet Tea


Volkmann - Single white large star/purple ruffled edge Medium green,  plain. Standard chimera
Sported of Austin

Austin Sport

See Van's Truth


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