Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Watercolor Raindrops Sport

see Ko's Nightfall  

War Paint

see Allen Anthony  

Wayward Trail

 (7550) 08/21/1991 (B. Elkin) Semidouble chimera pink pansy/dark lavender stripe, lavender fantasy. Medium-dark green, pointed, quilted wavy/pink-red back. Standard trailer
Sport of Sky Diver

Winter Games

(C Thompson) Purple Frilled Semi Dbl Pansy Chimera, White Striped. Med Green & Cream Variegation.
Sport of Winter's Haven

Winter's Haven Sport

see Winter Games

Winter Parasol Sport

see Fiddle

Wishful Thinking Sport

see Chimo

White and Blue Stripe

 White w/ blue stripe, slight green edge blossom on dark plain foliage. Standard chimera

Winter Love

02/03/2003 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/Sorano) Single-semidouble chimera fuchsia frilled star/white stripe. Variegated medium green, cream and variable rose, plain. Semiminiature

Sport of Kiss 'n' Tell

Winter Love




(Mrs. Tabata) Single-semidouble pink star/purple fantasy & streaks with white stripe. Medium green, pointed foliage. Standard  Japanese Chimera

Yachiyo Sport

see Van's Whimsy  

Yachiyo Blue

Japanese Chimera (Japanese) Single blue chimera with white stripe. Plain green foliage. Standard  chimera Yachiyo Blue


01/15/1988 (Eyerdom) Single chimera medium pink/blue stripe, fantasy. Dark green, pointed, quilted, hairy/dark red back. Standard

AVSA Most Wanted


Single Purple W/ Green Stripe Chimera, on Medium Green, Plain Foliage. Japanese Chimera

Yukako Sport

see Van's Bling, Van's Mint Crush  

Yvonne's Baby

(Brownlie) Purple pansey with wide white stripe. Light green varigated foliage.  Tiny compact Standard chimera.

Zaca's Fantah

(6157) 01/31/1986 (A. Stephens) Semidouble chimera pink frilled/blue stripe, variable fantasy. Variegated light green and white, quilted. Large
Sport of Fantah

Zaca's Georgette

 (6158) 01/31/1986 (A. Stephens) Single chimera fuchsia-pink frilled star/white stripe. Variegated light green and white, hairy, ruffled. Large
Sport of Georgette
picture coming


 (6933) 11/16/1988 (A. Stephens) Single-semidouble chimera blue-purple fantasy star/white stripe. Medium green, ovate, quilted, serrated. Standard
Sport of Love Spots

Zen's Even

3/18/2005 (S.Z.Line) Semidouble chimera dark fuchsia large pansy/white stripe, thin white edge. Crown variegated light-medium green and cream, heart-shaped, wavy, scalloped. Standard
Sport of Sassy Lassy

Zen's Even Sport

see Van's Smiles  

Zigged Ty Sport

see Brad Richard  

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