Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Paisley Print Sport

see Sora Patty Ann

Pajama Surprise

(aka Pajama Stripe)

Single to semi double white bloom with blue pinstripes.  Top 2 petals of the bloom are often tinged with yellowish-green color.  foliage is tailored and dark green. Standard


 (I. Fredette) Chimera fuchsia-pink and white ruffled. Variegated. Standard
AVSA Most Wanted

Party Fun

Dark pink pansies, dark blue fantasy blossoms on standard dark green, red reversed foliage. Standard chimera

Party Toy

Single-semidouble chimera medium pink/dark blue strip, fantasy. Variegated medium green and white, plain, quilted. Semiminiature

Pastel Bells

See Senk Pastel Bells  

Pasty's Love

Semidouble chimera medium pink pansy/purple stripe, Medium green, plain, Standard

Pat Hancock

 (R Albro) Large Semi Double Pink Stars W/ Dark Fuchsia Stripe on Medium Green & Cream Variegated Foliage. Large chimera
Sport of Buckeye Impossible Flirt

Patchwork Blue

(Lyon) Single-semidouble chimera blue-violet frilled star/white stripe. Medium green. Standard

Patchwork Pink

(Lyon) Single-semidouble chimera light pink frilled star/white stripe. Medium green. Standard Patchwork Pink

Paula Sophia

(6263) 06/09/1986 (P. Cherry) Single chimera white star/lavender-purple stripe, fantasy. Plain, pointed, hairy. Standard
Sport of Fantasy Sprite

Pauline Bartholomew

White, single  chimera and semidouble pansies, have side stripes of pink with each stripe being flecked with blue fantasy. Medium green, standard foliage Pauline Bartholomew

Pearl Lake Sport

see Center Stage

Pearls and Rubies Sport

see Red Ribbons

Penny Lover Sport

see Ko's Favorite, Peppermint Carousel  

Peppermint Carousel

Large, semidouble, wavy flowers of hot pink, with soft pink center stripes. Standard foliage is medium green and nicely variegated.
Sport of Penny Lover

Peppermint Fling

(5904) 02/23/1985 (R. Nadeau) Double chimera white/blue stripe. Variegated medium green and yellow. Standard


(Unknown) Chimera purple/white stripe. Standard

Pima Stars

 (6874) 03/25/1988 (B. Fraser) Single chimera white/blue stripe, edge. Round, quilted. Standard
Sport of Colonial Botany Bay

Pink and Mauve Stripe

 Pink Blossom W/ Mauve Stripe On Plain Dark Foliage. Standard chimera

Pink Chiffon Sport

see Cynde  

Pink Confection Sport

see Fantasy Ribbons

Pink Dream

Large, single and semidouble, white 'pansy' flowers with medium pink side stripes. Medium green plain foliage. Standard.

Pink Satin Pillow

11/09/1996 (S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera pink frilled pansy/blue stripe, flecks. Variegated dark green, cream and pink, plain, quilted. Standard

AVSA Most Wanted
Sport of Traces

Pink Splashes Sport

see Candy Lou  

Pink Time Sport

see Connie Salland, Sailor's Sunset  

Pixie Peppermint

(S. Sorano) Double chimera white star/red stripe. Variegated medium green and white. Semiminiature Pixie Peppermint

Pixie Redhead

Soft blush pink, pinwheel stripes, accent striking red outer petals. The adorable, pansy shaped, stick-tite single blossoms, are also veined with a light red overlay. This redhead holds her smiling face nicely above medium green, variegated leaves, which are outlined in cream. Semiminiature

Playful Spectrum Sport

 Large Single-semidouble white fluted star/ blue stripe. Dark Plain green foliage. Standard chimera


Single chimera white star/blue stripe, variable yellow marking. Medium green, quilted. Standard
AVSA Most Wanted

Plaything Sport

see Ko's Maria Chow  

Plum Brandy Sport

see Plum Sporty  

Plum Galaxy

(P Tracy) Single light orchid/white fantasy. Plain. Semiminiature chimera

Plum Sporty

(6327) 07/05/1986 (B. Elkin) Single chimera fuchsia-red frilled/white stripe. Bright green, quilted, wavy. Standard
Sport of Plum Brandy

Pony Ride

Single chimera medium blue bell/white stripe. Medium green, plain, quilted. Miniature trailer Pony Ride


1/19/2006 (P. Addison) medium blue with blue speckles and a white stripe On Medium Green, Quilted Foliage. Standard chimera

Sport of Carnation Sprinkles

Pretty Miss Kelly Sport

Large Single - Semidouble Star Light Blue, Blue Fantasy W/ Darker Blue Stripe On White Edged Tommy Lou Variegated Medium Green, Seratted Foliage. Standard chimera

Pretty Miss Kelly Sport #2

Large Single - Semidouble Star Blue, Light Blue Stripe. Tommy Lou Variegated Medium Green, Seratted Foliage. Standard chimera

Pretty Miss Kelly Sport #2

see Ma's Pink Princess  

Pretty Miss Kelly Sport - Dark Phase

Large Single / Semidouble Star, light Blue, Some Blue Fantasy, Lighter Edge W/ Darker Blue Stripe On White Edged Tommy Lou Variegated Medium Green, Serrated Foliage. Standard chimera

Princess K' Rei 

A combination of a chimera and a thumbprint, as special and unique as the little girl it's named after, "Katrina Rae". Perfect white, single stars that are beautifully painted with a carnation pink thumbprint, which is adorned with a blue center stripe, unbelievable! The standard foliage is medium green and heavily quilted. Princess K' Rei

Psychedelic Show

Large, double coral pink pansies, laced with blue fantasy dots and dashes. Snow white center stripes finish off this eyecatching flower. Medium green, plain foliage. Standard.

Purple Majesty

 (7816) 11/06/1992 (S. Farnsworth) Semidouble chimera white large star/purple stripe. Medium green, plain, quilted, serrated. Standard
Sport of Lavender Lavender

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