Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Hakata Doll

(Mr. Nakamura) Single white Japanese chimera sticktite with fuchsia stripe. Medium green plain foliage.


Standard (Japanese Chimera)

Halo's Aglitter Sport

See Breezy Brea and Glitter Surprise  

Harmony's Easter Surprise


Harmony’s Fun Times

See Tanya's Beauty - same plant  

Harmony's Little Stinker

(Harmony's Greenhouse) Semidouble  chimera dark blue/variable white eye. Variegated medium and light green, cream.

Harmony’s Lonely Hearts

 (Harmony's Greenhouse)Semidouble medium pink frilled pansy / blue Chimera Stripe. Variegated medium green and creamy white. Standard
Sport of Sergeant Pepper

Harmony's Midnight Dream

(Harmony's Greenhouse)Semidouble light pink large star/ Heavy blue Stripe. Dark green, pointed, quilted/red back. Standard Chimera
Sport of Ness' Midnight Fantasy

Harmony’s Naughty or Nice

(Harmony's Greenhouse)Frilled single pink chimera with white stripe. Medium green, ruffled Standard

Harmony's Speeshies

(Harmony's Greenhouse) Single pink chimera with purple stripe and white edge. Medium green. Standard

Harmony's Sun N Fun

(Harmony's Greenhouse)Semidouble White Pansy/ Dark Lavender Chimera Stripe. Variegated dark green and pink, plain. Standard
Sport of Funambule

Harmony's Surprise

(Harmony's Greenhouse)Single Chimera Pink pansy/ blue stripe, shading Medium green, quilted, serrated Standard
Sport of Optimara Surprise

Harmony’s Red Star

(Harmony's Greenhouse)Single white pansy with a red chimera stripe. Plain medium green Foliage
Sport of Optimara Erika

Harmony's White Star

(Harmony's Greenhouse) Single white chimera pansy with a red stripe. Plain medium green foliage. Standard chimera  

Harmony's Wild Horses

description coming


(Japanese) Light pink chimera single pansy with purple stripe, with a green edge at times. Medium green foliage. Standard


Semidouble creamy white chimera/ green stripe. Dark green, wavy. Standard

Hawaiian Trail

(Japanese) Blue-purple single with white center stripe. Plain green foliage. Standard trailer  chimera picture coming

Hawaiian Trail Reverse Sport

see KBugs Gaelach Salainte  


Japanese Chimera

Heat Lightning

(D Thompson) Single - Semidouble chimera, blue / white stripe, green tinge. Medium green, serrated foliage. Standard

Heavenly Rays

 (5390) 07/09/1983 (S. George) Single chimera purple and white/white dot on petal. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature
sport of Tippy Crest

Helen Boyer

 (7622) 11/18/1991 (J. Boyer) Semidouble chimera pink/lavender stripe, purple fantasy. Medium green, quilted, serrated. Standard
Sport of Sue Eslinger

Himiko Trail

(Hidaka) Japanese Chimera  Fushcia chimera sticktite with paler lavendar stripe. Plain light green foliage. Standard trailer Trailer

Hiroko Sport

see Thanks Alyce  

Holy Smoke

(6261) 06/09/1986 (P. Cherry) Double chimera pink fantasy/blue stripe. Plain, ovate, hairy. Standard
Sport of Blue Mist

Hot Buttered Rum Sport

see Norton's Alyssa  

Hot Wired

Large, coral pink, semidouble to double stars,  medium purple stripe.  Plain medium green. Standard.

Sport of 'Live Wire'.

Humako Amanda

(Humako) Red Star With A Darker Red Stripe. Dark Green, Plain Foliage. Standard chimera

Humako Fenna

Rose Blossom W/ Violet Stripe on Plain Medium Green Foliage. Standard chimera

Humako Jantien

(Humako) Single simple blue chimera with darker purple stripe. Dark green plain foliage leaves with red underside. Standard

Humako Mandy

(Humako) White star chimera / dark blue stripe. dark foliage

Humako Michelle

(Humako) Single light pink pansy chimera / dark pink stripe

Humako Monique

(Humako) Single-semidouble chimera white, ivory and cream/light blue shaded stripe. Medium green. Standard
Lyon's Monique and Humako Monique same plant?

Humako Myrthe

(Humako) semidouble white frilled / dark fuchsia stripe. Dark green, ovate, quilted. Standard chimera

Humako's Natasia

(Humako) Semidouble white chimera with fuchsia red stripe. Dark green, quilted foliage. Standard

Humako Sharon

(Humako) Single white pansy/ blue stripe on Dark green. Standard chimera.

Humako Tineke

(Humako)  Chimera Bloom has a defined pink with purple stripe pattern, and a very fainted white edge Tineke


Single Chimera Fuchsia With a white stripe. Plain foliage. Standard. Hurricane

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