Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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E Champions Flash Point Sport

see Van's Homespun  

Earl and Joyce

(Valley Violets) Chimera bright red/white stripe. Variegated, plain. Standard
AVSA Most Wanted


Single chimera white/blue stripe. Medium green, pointed. Miniature trailer chimera

Edna Irene

 (6171) 03/20/1986 (P. Cherry) Single chimera blue-purple and white star/lavender stripe. Medium green, quilted. Semiminiature
Sport of Darth Vader

Emerald City

07/28/1995 (S. Sorano) Single chimera pale lavender sticktite pansy/green stripe. Medium green, plain. Standard
Sport of Emerald Love Sport

Emerald Love Sport

Semidouble creamy white chimera/ green stripe. Dark green, wavy. Standard

see also Emerald City

Emerald Love Sport


(Eyerdom) Single chimera bright pink star/white stripe, variable white edge. Light green, plain, pointed, glossy. Standard

Enchanted Watercolor

Light pink, single pansy, is splashed abundantly with streaks and splashes of blue fantasy. Now with a chimera stripe in the background! Medium green standard, trailing foliage.

Formerly listed as Enchanting Waterfall Sport


Single blue with wide white stripes. Plain foliage. Standard chimera Erin

Eternal Orbit

Semidouble, pink pansies (with occasional fantasy markings) and lavender center stripes. The mounds of blooms, gather nicely over semiminiature, variegated foliage, which is dark green.

Sport of
Rob's Outer Orbit

Ezekiel's Wheel

(6433) 12/02/1986 (E. Savage) Single chimera light lavender star/darker stripe. Dark green girl foliage/red back. Semiminiature
Sport of Sparky

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