Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Daisy's Delight

 (8389) 02/26/1996 (M. Gratto) Single chimera pink pansy/purple fantasy stripe, marking. Light green, pointed, quilted. Standard
Sport of Moonbeams

Dale's Dream

08/26/1986 (T. Malinich/D. Lineberger) Single chimera medium blue/light pink center. Dark green, plain. Standard

Dancing Lady Sport

see Fancy Lady

Dancing Lights

(Sorano) Single chimera white pansy/blue stripe, yellow blush. Medium green, quilted. Standard

AVSA Most Wanted

Dan's Favorite

 (6344) 08/26/1986 (Malinich/Druckenbrod/ Lineberger) Single chimera white/light blue tips. Light green, plain. Standard
Sport of Granger's Valencia

Darth Vader sport

see Edna Irene  

Dathyn Sport

see City Slicker

Daydream Sport

(Unknown) Single Pansy, White, Blue Stripe on Plain Medium green standard foliage. Standard chimera

Debon's Rosey Posey

09/24/2004 (N. Braun) Single chimera pink pansy/red stripe. Variegated medium green and white, plain, scalloped. Standard
Sport of Mac's Bizarre Bazaar
Debon's Rosey Posey

Decelles' Caresse

(Y Decelles) Single To Semidouble, pink with white pinwheel stripes On medium green foliage. Standard chimera Decelles Caresse
Decelles' Cosmos Sport see Lorus' Springtime, Kbugs Irish Hearts  

Dixie Wonder Sport

see Southern Daydream  

Dizzy Di Sport

see Dizzy Izzy  

Dizzy Izzy

Dark pink, semidouble stars with blue center stripes. Blue fantasy markings occaisonally show up on the flower petals. Medium green, standard foliage is quilted and serrated.
Sport of Dizzy Di

Doctor Sandey

 (8676) 11/22/1997 (R. Loomis) Semidouble chimera dark purple frilled/white stripe. Dark green, ovate, quilted, scalloped. Large
Sport of Clare

Dolly Stripe

Japanese Chimera

Dora Lee

(7258) 11/24/1989 (P. Harris) Semidouble chimera fuchsia/pink stripe, green ruffled edge. Light green, ruffled. Standard
Sport of Ruffles 'n' Lace

Dream Magic

(S Sorano) Semidouble pink pansy/blue  chimera stripe. Medium green. Large

Dreams and Wishes Sport

(Unknown) Shades of lavender-blue blossoms, deeper  chimera stripes on each petal. Blue/purple fantasy scattered  on the blossoms. Small standard variety with red-backed leaves.

Drop Up (aka Cool Jewel)

Single chimera medium lavender cupped/wide white to pale lavender stripe. Medium green, plain, pointed, pebbled, glossy. Miniature

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