Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Cajun's Studmuffin

(10371) 10/29/2010 (B. Thibodeaux) Single chimera medium purple ruffled pansy/lavender stripe. Variegated medium green and white, round, quilted, serrated. Standard
Sport of Cajun's Purple Knight

Calico Queen

Royal purple center stripes, top pastel lavender ruffled stars. This majestic center stripe is patterned with light and dark dashes of either lavender or purple. The fluffy large blossoms are semidouble to double, and grace symmetrical dark foliage.  Standard

Candy Bells

(E. Savage) Single chimera pink bell/white stripe. Light green, plain, glossy. Miniature  

Candy Lou

 (6432) 12/02/1986 (E. Savage) Single chimera white star/pink stripe. Variegated green and white, plain, serrated. Semiminiature
Sport of Pink Splashes

Candy Stripes

 (D. Thompson) Single chimera hot pink sticktite ruffled pansy/white stripe. Medium green, plain, quilted, scalloped. Standard
Sport of Candy Swirls

AVSA Most Wanted

Candy Swirls Sport

see Candy Stripes, Ko's Curiosity

Candytuft Sport

see Candytuft Surprise  

Candytuft Surprise

 (7056) 01/18/1989 (B. Bryant) Single-semidouble chimera pink/white stripe. Variegated dark green, heart-shaped, quilted, glossy, serrated. Large
Sport of Candytuft

Canyon's Amethyst Kiss

(Osaka Flower Canyon Garden) Single sticktite pansy with lavender/purple outside stripes, light to medium green tailored foliage.  Standard growing chimera. Japanese

Canyon's Imagination

Standard (Osaka Flower Canyon Garden) Japanese chimera

Carnation Sprinkles

(P. Sorano) Semidouble-double chimera pink large frilled star/white stripe, blue fantasy. Medium green, quilted. Standard Carnation Sprinkles

Carnation Sprinkles Sport

see Corn Bread and Pookie

Carousel Pony

 (S. Sorano) Single chimera white bell/dark blue stripe. Variegated medium green and white. Miniature trailer

Cathy's Fireworks

11/18/1994 (C. Cornibe) Single chimera fuchsia star/light pink stripe. Variegated green and white, plain, quilted. Semiminiature

Cat's Meow Sport

see Lively Lana  

Celtic Dream

(Sorano) Double white bloom has variable shades of lavender-blue stripes, with a white ruffled edge, sometimes showing green.  Variegated Standard chimera.  

Celtic Skies

(Sorano) Double white chimera with pale blue stripes, slightly ruffled edges. Variegated foliage. Standard  

Center Stage

(V.VanPatten/R Albro) Double pansy chimera, white blossoms striped in violet/blue with ruffled green edge. Medium green standard foliage.
Sport of Pearl Lake

Chain Reaction

(S. Sorano) Single-semidouble chimera light pink large star/dark blue stripe, blue fantasy. Medium green, plain. Standard

see also Bloom's Utahime

Cherry Bomb

(S. Sorano) Semidouble-double chimera light pink fluted star/fuchsia stripe, red fantasy. Variegated dark green and cream. Standard 

Cherry Princess

Semidouble to double, white, pansy shaped blossoms, with bright fuchsia center stripes. Heart shaped foliage is medium green. Semiminiature


03/13/2001 (G. Durand) Single-semidouble chimera dark blue ruffled large/white stripe. Medium green, heart-shaped, quilted, glossy, serrated. Large  
Sport of Wishful Thinking

 AVSA Most Wanted   


Christmas Snow Sport

see Ribbons N Lace  

Circus Boy

Single red/white stripe. Plain. Standard chimera

The description in FC2 for this plant is incorrect. Should be reclassified as a mini.

City Lights Sport

See Norton's Firecracker  

City Slicker

7/25/2001 (T Brekel) Double chimera white ruffled/medium blue stripe. Dark green, quilted. Standard
Sport of Dathyn

Clare Sport

see Doctor Sandey  

Clam Power

05/22/2005 (P. Addison) Single-semidouble chimera wine ruffled star/lighter stripe, thin white edge. Variegated medium green and white, plain. Standard 
Sport of Luxury Liner
Clam Power

Coast Line

(R. Albro) Single/Semidouble Purple with white stripe on Plain medium green foliage. Standard chimera

Colonial Botany Bay Sport

see Pima Stars  

Colorado Stars

(D Wilson) Pink and lavender chimera.  Medium green wavy foliage.  Small Standard.  


(Horikoshi/Ozaki) Single-semidouble chimera white pansy/dark blue stripe. Dark green, plain, quilted, glossy. Standard   
Sport of Rhapsodie Elfrieda

Connie Salland

 (8674) 11/22/1997 (R. Loomis) Semidouble chimera rose-pink fluted/white stripe, variable green edge. Dark green, wavy. Standard
Sport of Pink Time

Cool Jewel

(8594) 03/03/1997 (C. Salland) Single chimera medium lavender cupped/wide white to pale lavender stripe. Medium green, plain, pointed, pebbled, glossy. Miniature
Sport of Optimara Little Apatite

Cool Touch

(S. Sorano) Single chimera white frilled star/light blue stripe, eye. Medium green, plain. Standard 

This plant is very difficult to find. Most Cool Touch are the reverse of the description.


Cool Touch Sport

see Joey  

Coral Kitty Sport

see Ramona's Coral Kitty  

Corn Bread

(V.VanPatten/R Albro) Semidouble-double chimera rose pink large frilled star/white stripe, Medium green, quilted. Standard 
Sport of Carnation Sprinkles

Crown Center

(6859) 03/01/1988 (G. Gill) Single chimera pink fantasy star/lavender stripe, white edge. Medium green, plain/red back. Standard
Sport of Moon Mist

Cultured Pearl

Single chimera varible white/blue stripe.  Variegated medium green and white. Small Standard


(8675) 11/22/1997 (R. Loomis) Semidouble chimera pink frilled star/lavender stripe. Dark green, ovate, quilted. Standard
Sport of Pink Chiffon

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