Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Lady Elizabeth

(I. Jensen) Semidouble chimera white/vivid blue stripe. Medium green, plain. Standard

Lavender Lavender Sport

see Purple Majesty  

LC's Little Wildcat

(10349) 09/01/2010 (L. Canning) Single chimera white bell/purple stripe. Medium-dark green, scalloped, girl foliage. Semiminiature
Sport of Little Jayhawker

LC's Sunrise

(L. Canning) Semidouble chimera light maroon pansy/white stripe, blue fantasy. Crown variegated light green, yellow and beige, ovate. Semiminiature
Sport of Sierra Sunrise

LC's Sunset

 (L. Canning) Semidouble chimera white pansy/blue-fantasied light maroon stripe. Crown variegated light green, yellow and beige, ovate. Semiminiature
Sport of Sierra Sunrise

Lemon Drop Sport

see Norton's Geraldine  


Single and semidouble blooms of white with pink side stripes. Medium green, pointed leaves. Very heavy bloomer! Show quality. Semiminiature.

Little Hopi Sport

Single light pink star. Bright green, plain, pointed to heart-shaped, hairy/purple-pink back. Semiminiature chimera

Little Jayhawker Sport

see Little Rideau  

Little Misty Blue

(P. Sorano) Single chimera white sticktite pansy/blue stripe, white fantasy. Variegated medium green and ivory. Semiminiature
Sport of Little Streaker

Little Rideau

Single blue bell with white stripe. Medium-dark green, glossy, serrated girl foliage. Semi miniature  chimera
Sport of Little Jayhawker
Little Rideau

Little Seabird Sport

see Little Seagull  

Little Seagull

(5989) 06/04/1985 (E. Savage) Single chimera white/dark blue stripe. Plain, pointed. Semiminiature trailer

Sport of Little Seabird

Little Seagull

Little Streaker Sport

see Little Misty Blue

Lively Lana

(4544) 08/13/1981 (R. Hamilton) Single-double chimera white and fuchsia. Plain. Standard
Sport of Cat's Meow

Lorus' Springtime

 05/13/2004 (L. Russell) Single chimera pink pansy/dark blue stripe, fantasy. Variegated dark green, cream and white, serrated/red back. Standard
Sport of Decelles' Cosmos

Love Fancy 

08/28/1986 (S. Sorano) Double chimera white ruffled/pink stripe, blue fantasy. Medium green, plain. Large
Sport of Luv It
AVSA Most Wanted

Love Fancy Sport

see Lyon's Rendezvous

Love Spots Sport

see Zaca-roonie  


(10347) 07/28/2010 (W. Wolverton) Single chimera dark purple pansy/white stripe. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature
Sport of Lucy Locket

Lucky Pinwheel

 (9645) 02/23/2006 (M. Kosowan) Single-semidouble chimera fuchsia star/white stripe. Medium green, ovate, quilted, hairy. Standard
Sport of Optimara Nevada

Lucy Locket Sport

see Van's Teardrop  

Luv It Sport

see Love Fancy, Innocent Flirtation

Luxury Liner Sport

see Clam Power

Luv's Reflection

(6744) 11/02/1987 (S. Sorano) Double chimera pink/blue stripe, white ruffled edge. Variegated, quilted. Large
Sport of Midnight Romance

Lyon's Crown Jewel

11/09/1996 (S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera fuchsia star/white stripe, bright green ruffled tips. Medium green, plain, ruffled. Large

Sport of Golden Rubie
Lyon's Crown Jewels

Lyon’s Fairy Fire Sport

see Fairy Fireworks  

Lyon’s Fortune Teller

02/03/2003 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/Sorano) Single chimera purple sticktite large frilled star/white stripe. Variegated medium green and cream, wavy. Large
Sport of Midnight Frolic

Lyon’s Monique

see Humako Monique

Lyon's Pink Ribbons

Pink with a darker pink stripe and a smathering of blue fantasy  

Lyon's Radiance

(S. Sorano) Single-semidouble chimera vivid coral/purple stripe, fantasy. Variegated medium-dark green, cream and white/red back. Standard
Sport of Sparks Fly

Lyon’s Raspberries and Cream

12/17/2005 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/P. Sorano) Single chimera fuchsia-pink frilled sticktite wasp/white stripe. Variegated dark green and ivory, wavy. Large chimera
Sport of Vintage Lace

Lyon's Rendezvous

 (8252) 07/28/1995 (S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera white frilled pansy/blue overlay on pink stripe. Medium green, plain. Standard

Sport of Love Fancy

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