Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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B-Man's Comiso Sport

see Remembering Laska  

B-Man's Taormina Sport

see Banjo  

Baby Jay Sport

see Norton's Elaine  

Balchug Poljot

(9638) 01/27/2006 (I. Milekhin) Single-semidouble chimera bright pink pansy/purple fantasy, blue stripe. Medium green, plain, pointed, glossy, hairy/red back. Semiminiature
Sport of Rob's Kid Wheezy

Balchug Vysokii Stil'

(9639) 01/27/2006 (I. Milekhin) Semidouble chimera dark purple-blue pansy/white stripe. Medium green, pointed, glossy. Semiminiature
Sport of Optimara Little Hopi II


 (V.VanPatten/R Albro) Semidouble white blossoms with fuchsia Stripe, Medium green foliage Standard Chimera Sport of B-Man's Taormina

Bannier Etoilee


Rare chimera with large white stars and center striped in lavender. Very dark standard growing foliage.  Canadian hybrid.

Beachcomber Sport

 (Unknown) Semidouble-double white large star/ Blue Stripe chimera. Medium green. Large

see also Neptune's Jewels


Becky Mae

05/22/2005 (P. Addison) Semidouble-double chimera white ruffled/purple stripe, lavender marking, wide green edge. Medium green, plain, serrated. Standard
Sport of Rebel's Chili Peppers

Bella Gitana

 (5805) 09/01/1984 (L. Dethlefsen) Double chimera pink ruffled pansy/white stripe. Variegated light green and cream, plain. Standard
Sport of Silver Lining

Bellissima Sport

see Jolie Roxane  



Bloom's Asteroid B612

 (9807) 10/23/2007 (G. Fung) Single chimera blue sticktite frilled pansy/white-light blue stripe, variable light green edge. Medium green, heart-shaped, glossy, hairy, wavy, scalloped. Large
Sport of Optimara EverPraise

Bloom's Debut

Semidouble fuchsia ruffled star with a white stripe, and a white-green edge. Medium green, quilted, ruffled. Standard foliage.
Sport of Frosted Flames

Bloom's Utahime

 (9709) 11/20/2006 (G. Fung) Single-semidouble chimera dark pink star/blue stripe, fantasy. Medium green, plain/red back. Standard
Sport of Chain Reaction

Bluegrass Girl

 (V.VanPatten/R Albro) Semidouble white large ruffled star, fluted tips, pink stripes. Variegated black- green, pink and cream, heart-shaped, serrated/red back. Large chimera
Sport of Buckeye Dogwood Spring

Bluegrass Rules

(V.VanPatten/R Albro) Single wine ruffled star/ white stripe, tinted wine and green at the ends of the petals. Variegated medium dark green and white, wavy, serrated. Standard Chimera (formerly Mandolin)
Sport of Ma's Grinning Grape

Blue Highway

(V.VanPatten/R Albro) Semidouble/ Double White large/ Wide Blue Stripes. Medium green, pointed, quilted, glossy. Large  chimera
Sport of Vince's Choice

Blue Lace Sport

(B. Goodsell/J. Eyerdom) Semidouble frilled pansy white with medium blue stripe.  Dark green, quilted, wavy, serrated/red back. Large

Blue Mist Sport

see Holy Smoke  

Blue Puff Sport

see Aly's Rodger Shifflett  

Blue Thunder Sport

see Rob's Magnetic Field  

Blue Triumph

(P Sorano) Large semidouble blue, ruffled, blossoms with white striping. Green and white variegated leaves.  Standard chimera.

Brad Richard

 (6515) 03/06/1987 (P. Cherry) Single chimera red star/white and pink center. Light green, ruffled. Standard
sport of Zigged Ty

Breezy Brea

(Travis Violets)  Chimera with large pink stars with a darker pink stripe down each petal, and a raspberry glitter shading the edge of the bloom. Standard Green pointed Foliage.
Sport of Halo's Aglitter

Bridal Bouquet

Double stars of coral, heavily marked with blue fantasy dots and dashes, and blue center stripes. The flower also has a darker coral eye. This compact growing standard has dark green, red backed, plain foliage.

Bryte Bubbles

Single white bell/thin lavender edge. Variegated Bright Green Pointed. Miniature chimera

Buckeye Dogwood Spring Sport

see Bluegrass Girl

Buckeye Impossible Flirt Sport

see Pat Hancock

Bud's Irish Eyes Sport

see Ko's Grapefruit Julep  

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