Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Facing South

(R Albro) Single Pansy, Pink / Purple Fantasy, Blue Stripe on Plain Medium green standard foliage. Standard  chimera
Sport of Fantastic

Fading Embers

(P. Sorano) Single chimera fuchsia-red sticktite pansy/purple stripe, thin white edge. Variegated dark green and ivory. Standard

Fairy Fireworks

(5947) 02/19/1985 (C. Applegate) Single chimera light fuchsia-red star/wide white stripe. Light green, plain, heart-shaped, quilted, hairy. Standard
Sport of Lyonís Fairy Fire

Fancy Lady

Soft pink, single and semidouble chimera pansies. Each petal has a light blue center stripe, with darker blue fantasy specks dancing on each flower.  Variegated, dark green foliage, beige standard foliage,  quilted.
Sport of Dancing Lady

Fancy Nights

(M. Burns) Single-semidouble chimera lavender and pink fantasy star/wide lavender stripe. Dark green, heart-shaped. Large
AVSA Most Wanted

Fancy That

(6352) 08/28/1986 (S. Sorano) Double chimera blue ruffled/white stripe. Medium green, plain. Large
Sport of Thunder Blue

Fantah Sport

see Zaca's Fantah  

Fantasy Sprite Sport

see Paula Sophia  

Fantastic Sport

see Facing South

Fantasy Maker

see Victorian Flirt

Fantasy Ribbons

12/29/2004 (D. Thompson) Single chimera light pink sticktite star/purple fantasy stripe. Variegated medium green, pink and cream. Standard
Sport of Pink Confection

Fantasy Sunburst

 (7283) 02/08/1990 (H. Eyerdom) Semidouble chimera bright pink/dark blue fantasy, blue stripe. Light green, plain, pointed, glossy/light pink back. Standard
Sport of Fantasy Sunset

Fantasy Sunset Sport

see Sora Helen Margaret and Fantasy Sunburst

Favorite Child Sport

see Royal Dazzler

Fay's Paisley Sport

see Fay's Teva Michelle  

Fayís Rachel

09/30/2004 (F. Wagman) Single-semidouble chimera red/white stripe. Crown variegated green and cream, serrated, girl foliage. Semiminiature
Sport of Sure to Please

Fay's Teva Michelle

 (9781) 05/27/2007 (F. Wagman) Single chimera orchid wasp/purple stripe, variable purple fantasy. Medium green, plain. Semiminiature
Sport of Fay's Paisley


(see Humako Fenna)


(V.VanPatten/R Albro) Large pink double and semidouble stars with chimera white stripes. Light green standard foliage.
Sport of Winter Parasol

Fiery Trail

Single chimera white and red striped star. Bright green, plain, semi-trailing. Semiminiature trailer
Sport of Snowy Egret

Fire Dancer

(P Sorano) Fuchsia chimera, single and semidouble pansies, with a purple center stripes. , geneva edge w/ fantasy specks. Medium green, standard foliage lightly variegated on the leaf edges with ivory.

Flash Dance

11/06/1986 (L. Egenites) Semidouble chimera white frilled/red-fuchsia stripe. Medium green, plain, quilted, glossy. Standard
  AVSA Most Wanted

Flashpoint Sport

see Van's Homespun

Floor Show

 (P Sorano) Single and semidouble chimera, lavender-pink pansies, slightly cupped, with dark blue fantasy specks, on a blue center stripe. The standard foliage is dark green, with beige and light green variegation on the leaf edge.
Sport of Mister Socialite
Floor Show

Flo's Rainbow

(6793) 12/21/1987 (F. Hogan) Double bright pink/blue and white rays, white edge. Dark green, quilted, serrated girl foliage; sucker propagation. Semiminiature
Sport of Blue Thunder

Fonburug Sport

Single pink pansy with darker mauve stripe. Semiminiature trailer  chimera

Fordís Pinwheel

Single pink chimera stars with lavender-blue pinwheel stripes. Dark green, heart-shaped, red back foliage. Standard. Ford's Pinwheel

Frosted Denim Sport

see Ko's Blueberry Kisses  

Frosted Flames Sport

see Bloom's Debut  

Frozen In Time Sport

see Ko's Green Dragonfly  

Funambule Sport

see Harmony's Fun Times, Harmony's Sun N Fun, 
Ma's Wicked Witch, Ma's Poltergeist, and Tanya's Beauty


(P Sorano) A white pansy  chimera with pink tones throughout. The flowers are single and semidouble. Each petal has a lavender / pink center stripe, with fantasy streaks throughout. Dark green, slightly wavy, standard foliage.

Funny Face

White pansy with pink tones throughout. The flowers are single and semidouble. Each petal has a lavender center stripe with pink highlights. Dark green, slightly wavy, standard foliage.

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