Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Taffy Pull

(S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera lavender wavy/purple stripe. Variegated medium green and white. Standard  AVSA Most Wanted

Tanya's Beauty

(R Albro/T Lamo) - Semidouble-double chimera pink/dark lavender stripe. Variegated, dark green and pink, plain. Standard.
Sport of Funamable

Tea's Little Uno

Semidouble-double white sticktite/bluish-purple stripe and eye. Chimera Medium green, pointed Miniature Questionable chimera...does not hold stripe no longer growing this one - too unstable. 

Tête à Tête

(6347) 08/26/1986 (T. Malinich) Single chimera medium purple/darker stripe. Dark green, plain/purple back. Standard
Sport of Granger's Valencia

Thanks Alyce

(8130) 12/30/1994 (J. Boyer) Single chimera pink ruffled/purple stripe, fantasy. Dark green, quilted, glossy. Standard
Sport of Hiroko

The Alps

10/03/1992 (K. Horikoshi/H. Sawara) Single-semidouble chimera white pansy/light blue stripe. Medium green, plain, quilted. Standard
Sport of Rhapsodie Carmen

The Artist Sport

see Ko's Linda's Artist Wand  

Thunder Blue Sport

see Satin 'n' Lace, Fancy That

Tippy Crest Sport

see Heavenly Rays  


(O. Robinson)  Chimera Large, deep blue double stars with wide, distinct, white pinwheel stripes.

Traces Sport

see Pink Satin Pillow

Trinket White Caps Sport

see Smitten  

Twist of Fate

11/09/1996 (S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera pink star/blue stripe, fantasy. Medium green, quilted. Standard Twist of Fate

Two-W Sally Longlegs

(A. Widell) Single slightly bell-shaped chimera pink star/lavender rays, darker blue dot fantasy. Medium green, Plain, slightly scalloped. Semiminiature



Unpredictable Sport

see Sweet Caroline  

Van's Amazement

(V.VanPatten) Single chimera blue fantasy pansy/ purple stripe. Dark, pointed, scalloped.  Standard chimera
Sport of Moonbeams

Van's Bling

Single frilled white w/ purple stripe chimera, on medium green, plain foliage.
Sport of Yukako

Van's Bounty

description coming

Van's Carnie

(V.VanPatten) Semidouble pale blue with dark blue striping. Dark green. Standard chimera
Sport of Summer Carnival

Van's Coloring Book

(V.VanPatten) Semidouble chimera bright pink pansy/purple stripe. Medium green, plain. Standard
Sport of Sora Patty Ann

Van's Dreams

(V.VanPatten)Single star chimera pink fantasy with wide blue fantasy stripe. Plain dark green foliage
Sport of Suncoast Sundae Sport

Van's Enchantment

(V.VanPatten) Single pansy with light pink/blue fantasy, light pink stripe.  Medium green standard, trailing foliage.
Sport of Enchanted Watercolor

Van's Evan

(V.VanPatten) Single chimera white /dark red stripe. Variegated medium green and white, quilted. Semiminiature
Sport of Rob's Swizzle Stick
Rob's Reverse Swizzle Stick

Van's Grasshopper

(V.VanPatten) Semidouble green star with white stripe. Variegated light-medium green and white, pointed. Standard
Sport of Ma's Frog Land

Van's Homespun

(V.VanPatten) Semidouble chimera pink frilled with purple stripe. Plain Standard
Van's Homespun

Van's Icy Chill

(V.VanPatten) Single white sticktite Chimera star/ purple Stripe. Medium green, plain, ovate. Standard
Sport of Smokey Echoes

Van's Joyful Noise

(V.VanPatten) Single chimera Pansy white with blue stripe, Light green, pointed, quilted, glossy. Standard
Sport of Misbehaving

Van's Listening

(V.VanPatten) Single chimera light blue fantasy/white stripe ruffled star. Medium, plain glossy. Standard
Sport of Ness Confetti Blue

Van's Mint Crush


Van's Notice

(V.VanPatten) Semidouble white star/blue stripe. Crown variegated green, white and yellow, quilted. Standard
Sport of Ma's Midland Fantasy
Van's Notice

Van's Patience

(V.VanPatten) Single chimera dark pink pansy/white stripe. Medium green, wavy. Standard chimera
Sport of Victorian Print
Victorian Print Sport

Van's Red Sky

(V.VanPatten) Double white/ fuchsia Stripe, Fuchsia frilled edge. Pebbled. Large chimera
Sport of Okey Dokey
Okey Dokey Sport

Van's Skyler

(V.VanPatten) Single-semidouble light fuchsia star/light ruffled edge. Medium green, heart-shaped, quilted, hairy, wavy. Standard Chimera
Sport of Rosie Ruffles

Van's Smiles

(V.VanPatten) Single chimera dark fuchsia large pansy/white stripe, Light-medium green heart-shaped, wavy, scalloped. Standard
Sport of Zen's Even

Van's Teardrop

(V.VanPatten)Blue pansy chimera with white stripe. Medium green foliage, compact plant. Semiminiature Lucy Locket Sport

Van's Truth

(V.VanPatten) Single white large star/purple stripe. Medium green, plain. Standard Chimera.
Sport of Austin

Van's Whimsy

(V.VanPatten)Single pink fantasy star/purple stripe. Medium green, pointed foliage. Standard Chimera
Sport of Yachiyo


(B. Elkin) Single orchid star/blue-lavender stripe and fantasy. Dark green. Semiminiature chimera Vertigo

Victorian Flirt 

10/08/1993 (S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera pink frilled star/white stripe, blue fantasy. Medium green, plain, quilted. Standard
Sport of Fantasy Maker
Victorian Flirt

Victorian Flirt Sport

see King David

Victorian Parasol

10/08/1993 (S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera dark purple frilled star/white stripe, light purple overlay. Medium green, plain, ruffled. Standard Victorian Parasol

Victorian Petticoats 

10/08/1993 (S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera medium pink frilled pansy/white stripe. Medium green, plain, ovate. Standard Victorian Petticoats

Victorian Print

(S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera medium pink pansy/purple stripe, lighter fantasy. Medium green, wavy. Standard Victorian Print

Victorian Print Sport

see Van's Patience  

Victorian Ribbons

10/08/1993 (S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera reddish wine-purple frilled pansy/white stripe. Variegated medium green and white, pointed, quilted, serrated. Standard

Victorian Treasure

02/03/2003 (Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses/Sorano) Single chimera pink sticktite frilled star/blue stripe, fantasy. Medium green, quilted. Standard chimera
Sport of Mirage
Victorian Treasure

Vince’s Crystal Clear

(Vince Su) Semidouble white chimera with lavendar stripe and ruffled edges. Dark quilted foliage. Standard

Vince's Choice Sport

See Blue Highway

Vince’s Emerald Sapphire

(Vince Su) Single/semidouble chimera large flower (flower often over 2.5 inches across) , lavender side stripe, white/pale lavender/light green (according to temperature) center stripe, thin green edge, standard.

Vince's Emerald Waves

(Vince Su) Slightly frilled petals white with green stripe and lavender tinged bottom petals. chimera Compact grower Small standard

Vince's Friend Kay

(Vince Su) Pink Flower with Purple stripe, occasional fantasy. chimera. Medium green quilted. Standard Vince's Friend Kay

Vince's Kathy Runner

(Vince Su) Semidouble-double chimera red ruffled/wide white stripe. Medium green, quilted, wavy. Standard picture coming

Vintage Lace Sport

see Lyon’s Raspberries and Cream, Ko's Innovation  

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