Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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George Malinich

 (6346) 08/26/1986 (G. Malinich/D. Lineberger) Single chimera white/blue stripe. Dark green, plain/purple back. Standard
Sport of Granger's Valencia

Georgette Sport

see Zaca's Georgette  

Glitter Surprise

10/20/2003 (K. Patton) Single chimera white sticktite star/bright pink stripe, fuchsia edge. Medium green, plain, pointed, serrated. Standard
Sport of Halo's Aglitter
AVSA Most Wanted

Golden Rubie Sport

see Lyon's Crown Jewels

Granger's Charl

01/27/1994 (J. Eyerdom/H. Eyerdom) Semidouble chimera pink large/white stripe, blue fantasy. Light green, pointed, quilted, hairy. Standard
AVSA Most Wanted

Granger's Desert Dawn

09/15/1980 (Eyerdom) Single chimera light pink
two-tone fluted star. Plain, pointed. Large
AVSA Most Wanted

Granger's Garden's Amigo Sport

see Mauna Loa

Granger's Silver Summit

08/09/1982 (Eyerdom) Single chimera white star/blue
fluted edge. Plain, quilted. Standard
Granger's Silver Summit

Granger's Sugar Frost

01/15/1993 (Eyerdom) Single chimera pink star/white stripe, raspberry sparkle. Light green, plain, glossy. Standard
AVSA Most Wanted

Granger's Valencia

09/15/1980 (Eyerdom) Single chimera blue fluted star/white stripe. Plain, pointed. Large

Granger's Valencia Sport

see Ann Malinich, Dan's Favorite, and George Malinich, and Tête à Tête  

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