Chimeras that are in shaded areas may not be in our inventory or are used as a reference.

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Icy Hot

(S. Sorano) Semidouble chimera fuchsia
wavy/white stripe. Variegated medium green and white. Standard

Innocent Flirtation

 (6356) 08/28/1986 (S. Sorano) Double chimera pink ruffled/white stripe, blue fantasy. Medium green, plain. Large
Sport of Luv It

Irish Nights

Semidouble pansies of white, with blue center stripes. The top petals are capped with lots of green, and the bottom petals have a pencil line edge of blue. The flower edges are nicely ruffled. The semiminiature foliage is medium green.

Irish Paradise Sport

see KBugs Jezzebelle  

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